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Bali….an unique place on earth, an ancient culture combined with the high level of tolerance of the Balinese people. An island with a breath taking beauty located in the Indonesian Archipelago or better known as the Green Emerald of the Pacific. Because of the religion and culture the local Balinese people are open for people of other nationalities or religions, this makes Bali such a unique place on earth. That is why so many people from all over the world choose to own a second house or settle for good on this beautiful island.

Beachfront, two bedrooms and freehold, North Bali:

Property for sale North Bali.

Direct contact with owner / North Bali.

A beachfront hideaway in a lush garden with a panoramic sea view. Located in a small Balinese village Sembiran……..more info>>>>>


Ownership      : Freehold.

Land size        : 1785 m2.

Bedrooms      : 2

Price              : 259.000 Euro.

Sold with our Concept 'Be Your Own Agent'.......

Lovina villa property.

Direct contact with owner / North Bali.

An exceptional villa on a spacious 3000 square meter plot of land, with a very sharp price to it cause you are directly in contact with the owner……..more info>>>>>


Ownership      : Freehold.

Land size        : 3000 m2.

Bedrooms      : 4

Price              : 425.000 Euro.

Quality in Tabanan with a sharp price:

Bali Property for sale, direct contact with owner. Tabanan.

Direct contact with owner / Tabanan.

Three bedroom villa, with a Hak Pakai title, the most solid way to obtain a property in Bali.……..more info>>>>>


Ownership      : Hak Pakai.

Land size        : 1700 m2.

Bedrooms      : 3

Price              : 360.000 US Dollars.

The recent twenty years Bali is developing with giants steps into the future with focusing on the infrastructure for tourism. New roads are constructed and a complete huge renovation of the international airport “Ngurah Rai Denpasar”, so more passengers can be handled and that means more tourists to spend their money on the island of Bali. After visiting Bali more and more people see the potential of an investment in property, partly for themselves as a second home of partly as an investment on the rental market. This explains the constantly increase of value of property. And with an ongoing growth of retail business as restaurants, catering, international supermarkets, deli’s, shops, entertainment and likewise a growing choice of medical facilities and treatment, nothing stands in the way of Bali becoming an international place where you have to be or doing business.

Long term rental villas :

Long term rental villa in Bali.


2 Bedroom villa with swimming pool for long term rent in Seminyak.....more info>>>>>


Furnished           : Yes.

Equipped            : Yes.

Bedrooms           : 2

Yearly rental fee  : 20.000 US Dollars.

Long term rental villa in Bali.


Traditional Indonesian houses, on offer for long term rental........more info>>>>>


Furnished           : Yes.

Swimming pool   : Yes.

Bedrooms           : 3

Yearly rental fee  : 28.000 US Dollars per year.

Bali property for sale.

But for you as a foreigner operating on the Balinese real estate market can be very confusing. The Bali Real Estate property market is unique and good knowledge of laws, local rules, definitions and processes is essential.  Many first time visitors fall in love with the island and the local Balinese people. The second holiday to Bali will be planned before leaving home and sooner or later people start thinking about a second home in Bali or even live permanently in Bali and purchasing a property that will meet up with their wishes. So the search for Bali villas for sale starts. It can be all kind of various properties, freehold, leasehold, rental properties. land for sale, land for lease.


It is written by law in Indonesia that a foreigner cannot own land, you probably hear this before and true it is. However there are several legal constructions that make it possible for you to buy property in Bali and we from Bali Property Indonesia can explain and assist you to obtain property on a legal base. 


The way to start your search for property for sale in Bali isn’t really that difficult. You just start with search phrases like Bali villas for sale, property in Bali for sale, houses for sale in Bali, Indonesia house for sale, Bali property, Bali villa for sale, Bali real estate, land for sale in Bali, Bali long term rentals, Bali villa for lease…and so on and so on. You will be surprised about the numbers of properties for sale in Bali and even probably more about the real estate agents in Bali that offer you these properties on their websites. So which Real Estate Property agent to contact.

Bali property

The team of Bali Property Indonesia is an experienced team and did over the last eight years quite a substantial number of deals between seller and buyer to all parties satisfactory. Before listing a property on the market by Bali Property Indonesia, the property is reviewed by our team on the legal aspects of the on offer for sale property in Bali. If the property is not 100% legal documented we do not enlist it on our website, it is for all parties a waste of time and effort if the property cannot be sold when the notary discovers a problem during the due diligence. Our motto is “we don’t sell a problem”. 


How to contact us....?  Again, when your search is started for property in Bali, you will find many websites on the internet concerning and offering property in Bali. When you have found a property on our site that is interesting to you, just send us an e-mail so we can meet you and make an appointment to visit the property if you desire to do so.

Bali Information.

Yes, we work for the seller and we don’t charge you as a client nothing for this visit or for our legal advice when you decide to purchase a property offered on sale by Bali Property Indonesia. Our service doesn’t stop after an agreement between buyer and seller, we accompany seller and buyer through the whole process until all parties are satisfied. We have the experience for more than 8 years doing a quite a substantial number of sales.


However not only if you are a potential villa investor or villa owner you can contact us, if you want to sell your property with us, you can also contact us so we make an appointment to visit your property and list it with us so we will find a buyer for you.


Thank you and we hope you will find something interesting for you on our site.



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Saba, Gianyar.

A lovely villa in the ricefields.

Bali villa for sale in Saba, Gianyar.

North Bali, absolute beachfront villa.

Bali villa for sale in North Bali.

Amazing four bedroom villa in Sanur

Three bedroom villa for sale in Sanur.

A quality villa in peaceful surroundings.

Direct contact with owner, Tabanan.

Freehold: a modern two storey villa located in Saba.

Villa for sale, Saba Gianyar..

Prestigious villa on a quiet location in the South of Bali.

Prestigious villa on a quiet location in the South of Bali, Nusa Dua.

Exceptional leasehold in Sanur.

Qualtity leasehold villa Sanur.

A rare offer for a very low price in North Bali.

Bali freehold villa for sale, North Bali.