Details and conditions be your own agent.


What do you have to do?

First of all, you have received the link of this page from one of our sales managers. Here we give you the details what you have to do, what we do and what we not do. On this page you also find a link to our page with the specification list you have to fill out.


Filling out this list takes only five minutes and as much as details you can give to us, we will use this on your page of listing. We ask as much as possible details to prevent you get emails with the question: “can you send me more info”.


This specification list you will find here. Please click here>>>>>


Secondly you can send us up to 25 pictures of your property. Important is that you send these pictures at a normal size like 640 x 480 pixels with a size up to 125kb maximal each picture. This size is big enough for placing on the website and more important that it is for us possible to receive your email so it doesn’t take long to download since we are established in Bali and the internet isn’t that fast here. This way you can send us all the pictures in one e-mail.  These pictures cannot have URL’s or a logo on it as a watermark.


You can also use to send us full sized pictures, a very easy way to send many pictures in original size. Or send us a Dropbox link.


Third, you have to make a promotional, positive text about your property. You have many examples on our website to give you an idea. This text you have to copy/paste in above mentioned detail list, it will show itself when you fill out the detail list. It is not allowed to place URL’s or email addresses in this text. 


And finally you have to transfer us the fee for placing your property in our website, before we start working on it. See the conditions here below.


In case you have doubts about that you are in control concerning the email traffic in case anybody wants send you an email, you can check this even every day by sending an email to yourself using the contact form on the page of your listing, we assure you that only you are in control.


What do we do for you?

After receiving the fee we will send you a confirmation that we received the fee and we start working on your listing.


We make a good and professional listing of your property with the details and pictures you have send us. It all depends on how much info you give us. We work on the SEO, a good page layout, location with Google maps and a contact form with your (not visible) email address.


It will take maximal four days after our confirmation before we are finished with your listing. When we are finished we send you the link and a report about the SEO for this page.


What we don’t do:

We do not interfere in case you receive an email, it is also not possible for us.

After you receive emails, you are in control and only you.


Terms and conditions.

  • The listing fee is 3.000.000 Rupiah, to be transferred at our local account at the MANDIRI BANK. We will provide you our account data at a later stage. In case of not present in Bali or not able to use local banking, further contact is necessary.
  • The period for this fee is 1 year on
  • Client has to notify Bali Property Indonesia by email that transfer has completed and Bali Property Indonesia will check this and confirm after received.
  • The client has to send the details and pictures before transferring the listing fee.
  • Bali Property Indonesia still preserves the right to decline a property after receiving the details/pictures, this will be clearly communicated to the client before transferring the listing fee if Bali Property Indonesia wants to decline the listing.
  • After receiving the listing fee, the client will receive a confirmation of the transfer, this confirmation will also confirm that Bali-Property-Indonesia will start working on the listing to place it on the websites.
  • If the property is sold within the period of 1 year, there will not be a refund for the remaining period.
  • Client has to right to change the published selling price of the property.
  • Bali Property Indonesia will not replace pictures or change text of the property after placing the property on the website. If the information of the property is crucial to the details of the property client has to contact Bali Property Indonesia.
  • Client will notify Bali Property Indonesia if the property is been sold and if client wants to remove his/her listing.
  • A property listed as a “Direct contact with owner property” cannot be listed also as a property in the regular portfolio of Bali Property Indonesia.
  • A property already listed in the regular portfolio of Bali Property Indonesia can not be listed as a “Direct contact with owner property” as well, if wanted by the owner to change the listing, the listing fee is to be charged and the regular listing will be deleted to be replaced by a “Direct contact with owner property” .
  • Bali Property Indonesia will not interfere with email contact between client and potential buyer, this is also not possible.
  • Bali Property Indonesia will not be a temporary agent after client and potential buyer come to a deal and need to go to a notaris to legalize the agreement.
Are you living in Bali, this is the easiest way to pay the listing fee.

Direct Contact with Owners.

You want to be updated about new listings on our website?


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920.000 Euro

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