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You have received the link of this page from our sales agent, please fill this out and send it back to us. If we have this form received, we proceed further to list your property on our websites. The purpose of this features form is that we have all the complete information that we can use to list your property.


You will find on this page also a pdf file which you can download, this file contains our terms, conditions and details to list your property with us, we advise you to download this file and read it. We ask you in this details list you have to fill out if you agree with our terms and conditions to list with us.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Please download and read this PDF file with details, terms and conditions to list your property with us as your own agent.
Details, terms and conditions be your ow
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Some advice:

  • We have some questions marked with a red star, these are required. However try to give us as much details as possible, so we are able to make a complete and professional listing of your property. The more details you give, the more it will save you emails in the future like "please, send me more info". 
  • The email address you fill out on this list will be used in the contact form on your listing page.
  • To fill out the coordinates of google is the best method to pinpoint a precise as possible location at google earth and just copy/paste it to the form.
  • In case you have to answer ‘no’ if there is no swimming pool for example, we don’t place ‘no’ on the listing page, because selling a ‘no’ is not positive.
  • Please send us good sized pictures, we advice to use
  • Let the pictures be very representative for your property so we can keep up the high standard of our website(s).


Note: * Starred fields are required.  Otherwise your form doesn't get send.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

I case your form doesn't get send, you won't see " Success! Your form was sent", then scroll up to see which required field you have forgotten to fill out.

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