Tabanan 5,5 hectare land for sale located in Wanagiri.

Land for sale Tabanan, West Bali.
Land for sale Tabanan, West Bali.

Price: 35.000.000 IDR / Are

Total price : 19.453.000.000 IDR

Land for sale Tabanan, West Bali.

This 550 are piece of land is situated at the southern foot hills of Mount Batu Karu in Tabanan, Bali near the farmer villages of Wanagiri and Saribuana. Only 1 hr 45 min from the airport. Easy to get to, the road up the mountain was newly paved in 2017.


A real piece of quite, green and clean paradise, natural Bali as it used to be. At 600 mtr above sea level it's always cool and in either season there is a Nice breeze. There are fantastic views to all sides on rice fields, forest or mountains. Two natural water springs for drinking water plus the property is connected to the 'subak' guaranteeing a constant supply of clean water.


 With a couple of hundred coffee plants, 150 clove trees, durian trees, numerous coconut trees, many harvest trees, a fish pond and even 1 hectare of own rice terraces it's perfectly suited for a deluxe eco resort. But of course it is also possible to develop multiple villas in this oasis.


With many high quality fresh food suppliers on Bali it's life as a king even in slightly more remote areas. And the local markets offer a variety of vegetables and fruits. But with some efforts it is very well possible to grow your own organic vegetables, keep chickens for eggs and meat etc. You can be complete self sustainable! 

Land for sale Tabanan.

The land can be accessed by 2 roads from the main road. One of these access roads is self owned.  It's a great investment in an area that has enormous tourism potential! Where other areas are overcrowded and overpriced here you find the peaceful Bali of your dreams wether it is for private or commercial use! 


There is a small farmers house with living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and a modern bathroom. That means KITAS holders could apply for Hak Pakai status without having to build first. This small house is of course perfectly suited for a caretaker/jaga and family.  


Photos, as nice as they look, don't do honor to the beauty and magic of this garden of Eden. Come and visit, we love to show you around!

Price: 35.000.000 IDR / Are


Location : Wanagiri / Tabanan
 Ownership title : Freehold
Land surface in are : 555.80 are
Land surface in m2 : 55.580 m2
View : Rice paddies, mountains,
   jungle and ocean.
Surroundings : Rural
Access : Public and private road


We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get a good impression of the land and what to do with it. The owner of this land made already a masterplan for this land including some designs. Please find these impressions here below and maybe you get a better idea of what is possible with this large piece of land.

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