On this page you will find a directory of our properties on offer for sale in Sanur. To go to the page of the property of your interests, please click on the pictures of that certain property or click on the button that says “More information”.

*With Sanur beach side we mean that the location of the property is on the side of the ByPass road towards the beach. 

Sanur / West side

Sanur house for sale

Spacious large family home for sale in West Sanur. A house with open living and kitchen. Parking large enough for 2 cars.

Ownership                  Freehold                    
Land size 400 m2
Bedrooms 4
Price 4.500.000.000 IDR         

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur 3 bedroom villa for sale

Cozy 3 bedroom villa for sale in Sanur's beach side. A private home nearby the market, shops, restaurants and the beach. 

Ownership                  Leasehold (2041)       
Land size 300 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 310.000 AUD

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur 2 bedroom villa for sale in commercial complex

2 Bedroom villa in a complex in Sanur. Located on a  short distance from the beach. Owners are having a 45 free stay per year.

Ownership     Leasehold (2035)
Land size 250 m2
Bedrooms 2
Price 189.000 AUD

Sanur / West side

Sanur house for sale with 3 bedrooms

3 Bedroom house for sale in a quiet secured street. Totally 3 similar kind of houses for sale, can be bought individual or together.

Ownership     Leasehold (2038)
Land size 250 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 120.000 EUR

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur beach side villa for sale

4 spacious bedrooms is this quality villa offering. The villa is located on a short walking distance from the nearest beach.

Ownership     Leasehold (2040)
Land size 900 m2
Bedrooms 4
Price 520.000 USD

Sanur / West side

Freehold villa for sale , Sanur.

Spacious freehold villa, 4 bedrooms, located on the opposite side of the By Pass. A large garden with long swimming pool.

Ownership     Freehold
Land size 720 m2
Bedrooms 4
Price 850.000 USD

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur 3 bedroom house for sale. Leasehold.

Sanur comfortable family home for sale, located in the heart of Sanur. 3 Bedrooms, just 10 minutes walking to the beach.

Ownership          Leasehold (2042)
Land size 1.087 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 625.000 USD

Sanur / North side

Large Indonesian style villa for sale, Sanur.

If you are looking for space and a multi-purpose villa, then we can offer you this villa in Kesiman, North Sanur.

Ownership               Freehold
Land size 1.210 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price IDR

Sanur / Beach side

Beautiful villa for sale in Sanur with large garden.

This hidden gem is located along the Poso Street in Sanur’s beach side. This spacious 3 bedroom villa is priced to sell.

Ownership           Leasehold (2043)
Land size 1.200 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price SOLD

Sanur / West side

Sanur 3 bedroom house for sale in the Sekuta area, freehold.

Attractive house for sale in Sanur. This is a spacious 3 bedroom house surrounded by a lush tropical garden.

Ownership        Freehold
Land size 250 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 250.000 AUD

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur apartment for sale.

Attractive townhouse located in a one gate small complex. A townhouse with a shared garden, parking and large swimming pool.

Ownership            Leasehold (2052)
Land size 150 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 175.000 USD

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur long period Leasehold villa for sale.

This  three bedroom villa in Sanur offers a guaranteed and already paid long lease period, ending in 2060. 

Ownership           Leasehold (2045)
Land size 500 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 285.000 USD

Sanur / West side

Sanur villa for sale with leasehold. South Bali.

Everything in this family home is large; large bed and bathrooms, large garden and finally an huge open gazebo.

Ownership           Leasehold (2047)
Land size 1.000 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 550.000 EUR

Sanur / Beach side

3 bedroom house for sale Beach side Sanur.

This cozy home is equipped with an IMB for office use and for residential usage, perfect for working and living at the same location.

Ownership           Leasehold (2044)
Land size 158 m2
Bedrooms 3
Price 275.000 USD

Sanur / Beach side

Sanur Leasehold villa for sale.

On offer for sale, close to the center of Sanur, a very spacious four bedroom villa with an exceptional long leasehold period.

Ownership           Leasehold (2056)
Land size 830 m2
Bedrooms 4
Price 699.000 USD

Saba / North Sanur

Two bedroom villa for sale close to Sanur.

Just at a 15 minute drive from Sanur,  two bedroom villa, build in Balinese style in a very quiet and peaceful rural surroundings. 

Ownership               Freehold / Leasehold
Land size 400 m2
Bedrooms 2
Price 185.000 EUR