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We are dedicated to effectively market and sell the finest Bali properties in all price ranges. We use market tools like all the other real estate agents: our websites (3), social media like Facebook and a newsletter with more then 15.000 subscribers, in which we show new listings, however we feel we can make a difference, because we already have more than 14 years combined experience in the real estate market in Bali. We also have intensive contact with people who are seeking property in Bali and if we feel your property could be of their interest, we will not hesitate to contact them.


Villa in Ubud for sale.
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House for sale Bali.
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Some people can sell their properties like the sell their car, but for many people buying and selling real estate property is a major emotional and financial event in anyone’s life. Selling a property is not just call an agent to take a few pictures and place the property on a website.


If you wish to sell your property just contact us, we make an appointment at a convenient time for you and we go through the details regarding the process of selling your property.


Our first enquiry will be if the legal documentation of your property is in good order so we can go to the next step. We experienced in Bali that many real estate owners don’t have the correct legal documentation. To avoid a painful experience after an agreement with potential buyers, we will check the documents and can give advice in case there are some difficulties.

Bali villa for sale.

As you probably will notice whenever you are playing with keywords to find Bali Property websites like Bali, villas, for sale, house, for rent, North Bali, Sanur, etcetera etcetera………….you will see that our sites have an excellent score on the main search engine of Google.com. You will find us right between the other well-known established real estate companies. A huge difference is that we don’t work with employees with a nine to five job mentality. We ourselves are on top of our website and always follow up enquiries and even more important, we have expertise knowledge of the real estate market in Bali and all that comes with it. Very important are the legal aspects when buying or selling a property, and also we are well connected with the most respectable notary offices in Bali.

Bali Property Indonesia.
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Our team has years of experience and a broad knowledge of the Bali real estate market, and we will be a valuable asset in the whole process of selling your property and finalizing the transaction in a satisfactory way for all parties. Please visit our page “Owning property in Bali” and you will learn that we know our business.


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Thank you, Team of Bali Property Indonesia.

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Looking for a comfortable holiday? Capung Villa in Sanur can offer your this relaxing stay.

From EUR 525/week.

A 3 bedroom, newly built, villa with pool on offer for sale with a long leasehold period located in Sanur.


Nice and cozy family home for sale in Tiying Tutul. A spacious villa with 4 bedrooms.

350.000 AUD

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High end villa with 4 bedrooms located on Sanur's beach side. IDR

Sanur properties for sale, Bali.

North Bali

Modern new villa with stunning views over the ocean and rice paddies.

395.000 Euro

North Bali properties for sale.


New apartments for sale. Having view over the ocean of rice paddies. 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.

159.000 USD starting

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Melaya/ West Bali

Beachfront resort for sale consisting of 3 Joglo villas and a large open piece of land.

920.000 Euro

West Bali beachfront joglo resort for sale in Melaya, consisting of 3 Joglo and large empty piece of land