Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions to list your Property with Bali-Property-Indonesia.*


  • The Seller declares to be the legal representative for the property at the address given as in the listing features form, filled out by the seller.
  • The seller will submit to the agents of Bali Property Indonesia copies of the ownership certificate(s) and all other documents relevant to the ownerships of the property he/she wishes to sell.
  • The seller declares these copies are current and valid and the original ownership documents are available at all times to set up a binding agreement or the official deed needed by the notary.
  • The Seller declares that the proposed property transaction, if mutually agreed by clients represented by the Agents, can be executed at any time with the original documents and information supplied as above, at a mutually agreed legal office.
  • In case the Agent produces a client able and willing to buy the property but there cannot be a completion due to invalid or lack of legal documents, a fee of 1.5% of the agreed sales price has to be paid to the Agent. We therefore strongly advise the Seller to have a legal due diligence done by an independent notary before listing the property.
  • The Seller declares that any change in pricing of the property will be communicated to the agents of Bali Property Indonesia immediately.
  • The Seller declares to refer clients, who got to know the property by the marketing efforts of the Agents, to the Agents.
  • It is not allowed to exchange personal data like email addresses, phone numbers or business cards to potential clients brought by our agents during an inspection. It is also not allowed to receive items mentioned here above from potential clients during an inspection.
  • The property will be listed at website; www.bali-property-indonesie.com .


 Sales price and fee/commission.

  • The seller will notify the wanted sales price through the listing form, he agrees that this price is including a 5% fee for the agents of Bali Property Indonesia.
  • This market price includes the agreed 5% commission fee for the Agents. If the price will be eventually lower by means of negotiations between potential buyer and seller, the fee will always be 5% of the agreed sales price between seller and buyer.
  • The sales prices includes a 5% commission/fee for the agent, which will be reduced from the (first) down payment received by the notary, appointed by the buyer.
  • In case the down payment is made directly to the seller, the seller commits himself to pay the 5% Agents fee within 2 days after he has received the down payment.
  • Sales and purchase taxes, as well as contract costs like Notary costs will be paid by those whom sign the contracts, and according applicable laws.
  • By filling out the last question at the listing features form on our website www.bali-property-indonesia.com positively, you agree with our terms and conditions.



*To each understanding for both parties, seller and we as agents of Bali Property Indonesia, this is not an exclusive agreement, so the seller is free to sell his mentioned property in cooperation with another agent or by himself and is not obligated to pay any fee to the agents of Bali Property Indonesia.

**Please have your copies of the legal documents like land certificate, building permit, payment of land and building tax, lease contracts and/or nominee contracts ready when our intake team arrives at your property to hand them over.



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